RG166 Alloy armored High Power Coax , Up to 250°C, 11.9mm

RG165, M17/65-rg165

Standards: M17/65-RG166.

Description: RG166 coax cable is designed for military use and is equivalent to M17/65-RG166 coax cable. As specified by MIL-C-17, RG166 coax cable features an impregnated Type V fiberglass jacket that protects the cable from various types of physical threats, including abrasion and temperatures ranging from -65°C to 250°C. RG166 coax cable also contains a silver-plated stranded copper conductor that can handle 5,000 volts and is resistant to electrical interference due to its silver-plated copper shielding. 

Application:   RG166 cable can work up to 250°C while other teflon cables are specified for only 200°C, for this reason RG166 coax cable is an excellent choice for data transmission in applications that require direct burial or other damaging elements.

rg120, Bing Cable



  • PTFE precision insulation, high dimensional consistency, lower VSWR.
  • Used as connection in high power amplifiers.
  • Temperature Rating: -65℃ up to +250℃.
  • Double fiberglass jacket can resist instant fire.
  • PTFE insulation can withstand high welding temperatures without melting.
  • RG165 has the same inner conductor and dielectric size with RG393. Both also have the same attenuation.



技术参数/Technical Characteristic
电缆结构/Cable Construction
内导体/Inner conductor 2.39mm Silver Plated Copper Stranded
绝缘/Insulation 7.24mm Solid PTFE
外导体/Outer conductor 10.52mm Single Braid of Silver Plated Copper Wire
阻隔带/Barrier tapes —— PTFE Tape
护套/Jacket 11.80mm Fiberglass Braided
电性能参数/Electrical Cable Characteristic
Capacitance 95.1pF/m
阻抗/Impedance 50 ohm
速率/Velocity of Propagation 69.5%
工作频率/Operation frequency 3.0 GMHz
最大工作电压/Voltage Withstanding 5000VRMS
机械性能参数/Mechanical Cable Characteristic
最小弯曲半径(静态)/Inside Bend Radius (Min.) ——
重量/Weight 211g/m
工作温度/Operating Temperature -65 up to +250℃
RoHS符合/RoHS Compliant 是/Yes
衰减/Cable Attenuation
频率/Frequency(GHz) 衰减/Attenuation(dB/m) 功率/Power( W)
0.100 0.063 6100
0.400 0.135 2700
1.000 0.230 1400
3.000 0.446 800
5.000 —— ——
12.400 —— ——


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