RG144, 75 ohm, High Power Coax, Up to 250℃, 10.4mm


Standards: M17/62-RG144.

Description: Flexible non magnetic coaxial cable of 75 ohm impedance for high power and high temperature with single silver plated copper wire braid, double teflon barrier tapes and double fiberglass jacket, external Ø 10.4 mm, for this reason it is often used as connection in high power amplifiers.

Application: RG144 cable can work up to 250°C while other teflon cables are specified for only 200°C, for this reason it is often used in miltar equipment such as helicopters, tanks, etc... or where there are high temperature environments like wirings near a very high heat source.

rg119, Bing Cable



  • PTFE precision insulation, high dimensional consistency, lower VSWR.
  • Used as connection in high power amplifiers.
  • Temperature Rating: -65℃ up to +250℃.
  • Double fiberglass jacket can resist instant fire.
  • PTFE insulation can withstand high welding temperatures without melting.
  • RG144 is similar in dimension to RG393, but impedance 75 ohm.



技术参数/Technical Characteristic
电缆结构/Cable Construction
内导体/Inner conductor 1.33mm Silver Plated Copper Clad Steel Stranded
绝缘/Insulation 7.24mm Wrapped PTFE
外导体/Outer conductor 8.38mm Silver Plated Copper Wire Single Braided
阻隔带/Barrier tapes —— PTFE Tape
护套/Jacket 10.40mm Double Fiberglass Braided
电性能参数/Electrical Cable Characteristic
Capacitance 64pF/m
阻抗/Impedance 75 ohm
速率/Velocity of Propagation 69.5%
工作频率/Operation frequency 3.0 GMHz
最大工作电压/Voltage Withstanding 5000VRMS
机械性能参数/Mechanical Cable Characteristic
最小弯曲半径(静态)/Inside Bend Radius (Min.) ——
重量/Weight 208g/m
工作温度/Operating Temperature -65 up to +250℃
RoHS符合/RoHS Compliant 是/Yes
衰减/Cable Attenuation
频率/Frequency(GHz) 衰减/Attenuation(dB/m) 功率/Power( W)
0.100 0.066 ——
0.400 0.138 2100
1.000 0.233 1000
3.000 0.456 ——
5.000 —— ——
12.400 —— ——


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